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Colostrum Family Size 3 pack Combo

  • Colostrum Family Pack
  • Ultra Bovine Colostrum on Special Today! Shop and save on the Best Colostrum Products today And Save. Free Shipping on all Colostrum Products.
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Product Description

Premium Bovine Colostrum Family Pack Combo (180 caps each 30% immunoblobin):

 Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from the mother’s mammary glands during de first 72 hours after birth. It provides all the immune and growth factors that the body needs to kill invading pathogens such as virus and bacteria. Colostrum is also effective in reducing bad cholesterol thus protecting the cardiovascular network. Colostrum has been shown to help eliminate allergies. Colostrum is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound, which can significantly benefit arthritis sufferers. Animal studies have shown that lactoferrin, one of  the principal  proteins found in colostrum, may help prevent or shrink cancer. 

 The Ultra Bovine Colostrum is a potent and highly effective supplement that comes from cows. Similar to the first milk of human mothers, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum was taken from the natural colostrum from the cow. This is slightly think and yellowish, a proof of its incredible nutritional benefits. The Ultra Bovine Colostrum is supercharged with incredible health benefits. In a normal situation, the best colostrum from cows are designed to help the baby cow to develop its immunity and boost its development to avoid health risks while still a small and fragile creature. The Ultra Bovine Colostrum is the most nutritious one since the Ultra Bovine Colostrum contains a diverse amount of nutritional benefits to appeal to your health needs. Aside from the immunity boosters, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum is filled with human growth factors for the development of muscles and tissues.

 The Ultra Bovine Colostrum might seem unlikely to benefit humans since naturally, the best colostrum should be for the baby cows but according to studies, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum actually can help human beings. That is why Gold Crown Natural Products takes advantage of the best colostrumto create the best colostrum supplement for a safer, protected and stronger body. Also, the chemical structure of the Ultra Bovine Colostrum is similar to the colostrum from a mother which makes it advantageous for human consumption. However, for infant or for supplementation of a real mother's colostrum, it is highly debated and is not advised. Nonetheless, for adult use, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum is a potent ingredient for nutrition.

 Gold Crown Natural Products takes pride in its high grade, best colostrum supplement. We do not just choose a cow and wait for it to give birth. Our selection of the best colostrum starts from the choice of our cows. We only go for cows that are healthy, pasture fed and tested. We also make sure that they are organic, meaning they have not eaten anything with artificial ingredients and chemical fertilizers. Our best colostrum supplement has also been processed to retain its good quality and be transformed to capsule form to best suit our clientele. To simply put it, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum is the best colostrum supplement out there in tablet form. Easy to ingest, no artificial after taste and very healthy, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum is the ultimate supplement.

 There are several studies related to the Ultra Bovine Colostrum and they are all pointing out the incredible benefits of the best colostrum for your performance. For those trying to build muscles and improve their health, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum can benefit you in the gym. According to a 2001 study, the use of the Ultra Bovine Colostrum was able to help athletes to bench press better. It also helped them get better immunity. However, for sporting professionals, it is necessary to consult since some sporting organizations banned the use of the best colostrum products.

 In 2002, another study was conducted regarding the Ultra Bovine Colostrum. Juvenile rats were used to test the best colostrum supplement. According to the results, there was an increase in bone mass and the femur has developed or mineralized well using the best colostrum. According to their findings, bone re-absorption was very minimal and the mineral density was higher. Due to these findings, it was proven that the Ultra Bovine Colostrum can actually benefit those who want to boost their bone mass and avoid fractures as well as help those people who might easily be affected by bone problems.

 According to a study conducted last 2007, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum promotes healthy cytokines that are very helpful in improving the immune response of a person. This means that the Ultra Bovine Colostrum can help improve the capacity of our immune system to actually address risks like viruses, pathogens and other kinds of health risks. In fact, the results also showed evidences that it is possible to prevent the spread and mitigate the chances of developing influenza as well as the common cold. Nonetheless, this is not a cure for the common cold. The best colostrum supplement is very advantageous in improving a person's health condition.

 In the field of sports medicine, there were several studies conducted regarding the effectiveness of the Ultra Bovine Colostrum in performing various activities. One study on the best colostrum supplementshowed that there is an increase in the vitality and energy levels of the person and therefore, the individual does not get tired easy and the best part is that there are no adverse side effects after using compared to other performance drugs that could lead to massive health risks when not used properly.

 Another study about the Ultra Bovine Colostrum showed that those who use the best colostrum supplement has less chances of developing upper respiratory tract infections. Another study on the Ultra Bovine Colostrum showed that the best colostrum has some benefits in preventing the development or progression of certain gastrointestinal diseases like colitis (inflammation of the colon) and diarrhea. It also can help improve the condition of the colon. For those taking NSAIDs, the best colostrum supplement can also help in alleviating the side effects that developed due to the use of these products.

 Though the Ultra Bovine Colostrum is in capsule form, it is still best to consider this as a food, but in capsule format. It is not a form of medicinal plant. It is a naturally occurring substance designed to provide incredible benefits to human beings. The best colostrum supplement offered by the Gold Crown Natural Products is designed to provide the highest possible benefits since it was made from organic, safe and high quality ingredients.Now, the Ultra Bovine Colostrum comes in a family sized, 3 pack combo so you can get the ultimate benefits from the best colostrum. If you are interested about using the best colostrum supplement, it is highly advised to get the opinion of a doctor especially if you are using various prescriptions. Pregnant women, diabetics and other people with sensitive conditions should definitely ask the opinion of a doctor before using the best colostrum.


El Colostrum ofrece múltiples beneficios de salud a quien lo consume por vía oral y tiene efectos muy beneficiosos  a nivel inmunológico, hormonal, neurológico cardiovascular y gastrointestinal. Estos efectos han sido descubiertos y comprobados por decenas de estudios médicos realizados en los centros más prestigiosos  de investigaciones científicas.
El colostrums es una mezcla de poderosos componentes inmunomodulares tales como el lactoferrín, las inmunoglobulinas, los factores de crecimiento o de síntesis celular, nucléotides, cytokinas, polipéptidos ricos en prolina, proteínas, ácidos grasos esenciales e interferones, entre otros. Estos componentes bioactivos son un verdadero ejército contra todo tipo de invasiones de virus, bacterias, hongos y demás parásitos que son hoy en día la principal causa de enfermedades en el mundo.
La medicina moderna ha usado el Colostrum muy positivamente en casos de astma y alergias respiratorias, osteoporosis, acné, psoriasis, herpes, artritis, colitis ulcerativas, úlceras estomacales, el síndrome de fatiga crónica, fibromialgía, lupus, el SIDA, esclerosis múltiple, síndrome de Kawasaki y la enfermad de Crohn entre otros.


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