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Colostrum Ultra

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  • Bovine Colostrum is the best form of Colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk a cow gives it's calf. Buy Colostrum and get FREE SHIPPING!
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Product Description


 Colostrum Plus (60 caps 1000mg daily 30% immunoglobin)


Colostrum Plus, a proven formula, offers incredible health benefits to the body.  Taking in this supplement can help in providing anti inflammatory benefits and a wide range of other great features. Colostrum Plus comes from bovine colostrum, and has some similar properties to the colostrum that female humans create during the latent period of pregnancy till the first few days after birth. Colostrum Plus promotes a number of good health benefits that include lowered blood cholesterol levels, better immune response, cancer prevention and prevention from acquiring certain kinds of allergies.

 What is Colustrum?

Also called first milk or beestings, Colostrum is secreted at the mammary glands late in the third trimester, till child birth. It is thick, yellowish and sticky but it is low volume so after a few days or so, regular breast milk is secreted. For human benefit, the colostrum contains high levels of antibodies and is nutrient-rich. The texture is such due to the concentrated volumes of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, antibodies and such while keeping it low fat since it is hard for infants to digest this component. Nowadays, there is revived interest in utilizing bovine colostrum for adult consumption.

 Active components of bovine colostrum


These are forms of antibodies that are necessary in identifying and neutralizing any form of foreign matter or substance like viruses or bacteria. Colostrum Plus contains the immunoglobin IgG (the biggest component of the immunoglobin and are connected to the secondary immuno resonse), IgA (the antibody critical for the security of the mucosal linings), IgM (Serves as the primary antigen of the body) and IgF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1 and plays an important role for the anabolic condition of the body and is known to have an effect on weight reduction). According to studies, though there is possible digestion of the Immunoglobins, there is a 25% chance for specific molecules such as IgG to recover and be utilized by the body.


This protein is part of the innate immune system and serves as transport machinery for iron. It also serves a wide range of benefits from antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-parasitic and anti allergic properties to keep the body safe from possible risks that could endanger the body.

 Benefits of Colostrum Plus

As a supplement, Bovine colostrum has been used for athletes who are undergoing training or who need additional health benefits while participating in sporting events. According to studies, the presence of certain immunoglobins from the supplements is ideal for tissue repair during intensive training. This is due to the properties of certain components of Colostrum, particularly IgF-1 to increase protein synthesis, therefore, increasing the recovery time for the muscles to recover and build up after serious physical strain.

 According to studies conducted on most dairy products including whey protein and colostrum, the presence of Lactoferrin offers decreased chances of developing certain kinds of cancers including prostate cancer for men and colon cancer for the bigger population. The said protein binds with iron and compared to other amino acid chains, is less likely to degrade at a rapid manner. It can inhibit the development of solid tumors and according to lab research, inhibits the metastasis of cancer cells. It also has some positive effect against skin cancers and Leukemia.

 The most popular benefit of bovine colostrum products are is how it actually improves immune response, protecting the body against foreign bodies like viral infection, bacteria and other foreign pathogens that could wreck havoc to the system. It also minimizes the chances of developing numerous kinds of health conditions including fatigue, arthritis, ulcers, and acid reflux. Colostrum products  also very potent in providing the cells with extra power, offering sustained energy that is ideal for all of us especially those who do tons of physical work.are

 When it comes to mitigating cholesterol levels, studies show that the power of colostrum to help the red blood cells to release Nitric oxide is very advantageous in expanding the arteries, preventing the dilation and eventual blockage of the arteries, offering a similar effect as to having low cholesterol levels.

 According to studies, colostrum also offers an anti-aging benefit as it slows down the aging process since it also contains some form of antioxidants. Since it also helps in muscle and bones, and overall cellular health, it is a plausible component that can help improve your overall health condition and make you feel more revitalized every day when you take in this product.

 The most widely researched benefit of bovine colostrum is actually on athletic performance supplementation. With an increase muscle mass and improved muscle rehabilitation, it is clear that these are the most straightforward benefits of using Colostrum Plus. It also increases the blood flow by expanding the arteries, enabling better blood flow and oxygen delivery that also improves the rehabilitation of the muscles that were damaged due to training. Bovine colostrum is not banned in professional level sports but it is not advisable for college athletes due to the ban of the NCAA. For most people who want to improve their immunity and overall health condition, Colostrum is definitely a fantastic product to take advantage of. Gold Crown Natural Products offers one of the most popular Colostrum product locally in the USA.

 How to use

On an empty stomach, take two capsules of Colostrum Plus and drink 8 ounces of water afterwards. If you want children under 10 years of age to benefit from this product, give them only 1 capsule and ask the opinion of a physician before giving any kind of supplements, natural or not, to children. It is ideal that you ask your medical expert about this product before getting started with it. Pregnant women or people with particular health conditions should prevent taking in any supplements that are not suggested by their doctors. Though this product is based on scientific evidence, it is still necessary to ask for medical advice to ensure that you will get the most benefits out of it.

 Take your health to a better direction. Colostrum Plus is an incredible product that really offers incredible benefits. Bovine colostrum is a fantastic product that will surely give you that protection and energy.

New Ultra Colostrum is a natural anti inflammatory supplement which covers a broad spectrum of natural health benefits.  Colostrum benefits include, but are not limited to: reducing bad cholesterol, boosting immune system strength, anti-inflammatory, and some lab tests even show positive effects in helping with cancer and eliminating allergies in certain situations.  Colostrum supplements offer a wide variety of benefits, and Gold Crown Natural Products is glad to be able to offer so many choices when it comes to finding the best colostrums.

Colostrum is the liquid secretion right before a mother's secretion of milk in mammals, and laboratory tests have shown that cow colostrums can be turned into colostrums supplements which bring out these positive health benefits in people.  The lactoferrin included in the New Ultra Colostrum has been shown in some tests to help the human body's immune system fight cancer.  In addition, colostrums also works as an excellent natural anti inflammatory medication.

Gold Crown Natural Products is proud to offer New Ultra Colostrum as one of the finest organic products on the market when it comes to natural colostrums supplements.

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from the mother’s mammary glands during de first 72 hours after birth. It provides all the immune and growth factors that the body needs to kill invading pathogens such as virus and bacteria. Colostrum is also effective in reducing bad cholesterol thus protecting the cardiovascular network. Colostrum has been shown to help eliminate allergies. Colostrum is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound, which can significantly benefit arthritis sufferers. Animal studies have shown that lactoferrin, one of  the principal  proteins found in colostrum, may help prevent or shrink cancer




El Colostrum ofrece múltiples beneficios de salud a quien lo consume por vía oral y tiene efectos muy beneficiosos  a nivel inmunológico, hormonal, neurológico cardiovascular y gastrointestinal. Estos efectos han sido descubiertos y comprobados por decenas de estudios médicos realizados en los centros más prestigiosos  de investigaciones científicas.

El colostrums es una mezcla de poderosos componentes inmunomodulares tales como el lactoferrín, las inmunoglobulinas, los factores de crecimiento o de síntesis celular, nucléotides, cytokinas, polipéptidos ricos en prolina, proteínas, ácidos grasos esenciales e interferones, entre otros. Estos componentes bioactivos son un verdadero ejército contra todo tipo de invasiones de virus, bacterias, hongos y demás parásitos que son hoy en día la principal causa de enfermedades en el mundo.

La medicina moderna ha usado el Colostrum muy positivamente en casos de astma y alergias respiratorias, osteoporosis, acné, psoriasis, herpes, artritis, colitis ulcerativas, úlceras estomacales, el síndrome de fatiga crónica, fibromialgía, lupus, el SIDA, esclerosis múltiple, síndrome de Kawasaki y la enfermad de Crohn entre otros.


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