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Melatonin Supplements / Melatonin with Valerian

  • Buy Melatonin and Valerian capsules for best sleep .Best Melatonin dosage and Melatonin supplements in the market. FREE SHIPPING!
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Product Description

Melatonin with Valerian ( 3mg 60 caps):

 Melatonin pills are a popular natural treatment for insomnia. Add in some valerian for anxiety and this melatonin with valerian supplement is a very powerful natural combination. Melatonin tablets are very popular, but you want to make sure to get natural melatonin and not some laboratory synthesized stuff that then tries to pass itself off as an organic sleep supplement. Melatonin with Valerian for anxiety and insomnia is going to be all natural and the real deal when you order form Gold Crown Natural Products.

 These natural sleep aids are effective, safe, and the dual action of valerian for anxiety and melatonin for insomnia should drastically increase your chances of a good night's sleep.

 These melatonin pills are offered in single bottles, or also in three bottle combo packs. As a sleep supplement, this natural supplement is excellent because it addresses both insomnia and anxiety with the use of both key ingredients. Melatonin sleep has a reputation for being peaceful and relaxing, and it is certainly going to be a relief for anyone who desperately needs that melatonin for insomnia treatment.

 Melatonin plus Valerian Root

 Melatonin works in harmony with your natural sleep cycle to give you the tranquil rest you deserve, so you can awaken feeling refreshed. Melatonin Plus Valerian is perfect for people experiencing occasional sleeplessness, those with jet lag, or anyone seeking to improve their quality of rest. Added to these nutrients are calming herbs including Hops, Chamomile and Passion Flower. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the pineal gland.

 Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland which is a small endocrine gland found in the vertebrate brain. It secrets a hormone called melatonin which is a serotonin derivative. Melatonin has positive effects for people with sleep patterns and so melatonin supplements are used to treat people with diseases like insomnia. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. Melatonin supplements are used by people who have difficulty in maintaining sleep patterns.

 Jet lag happens for people who cross time zones and their body will take several days to adjust with the day and night patterns. They will be unable to sleep during night time. As a result of lack of sleep they feel exhausted, irritated and they lack their concentration. In such case they are advised to take melatonin supplements before they go to bed for a few days. Melatonin supplements will help the body to reset their sleeping time. Melatonin secretion by the pineal gland decreases with increase in age. So at old age people suffering from lack of sleep can take melatonin supplements. If the immune system is less functioning the body is exposed to many diseases. By taking melatonin supplements the melatonin level in the blood will increase and makes the immune system effective so the body will be protected.

 Melatonin supplements are used to help Alzheimer’s disease. Melatonin is an effective anti oxidant and a free radical scavenger which is very useful to protect the cells from oxidative damage. Alzheimer’s disease is caused due to this defect. Melatonin supplements such as melatonin with valerian tablets prevent the death of neurons caused by beta proteins which is a toxic substance which accumulates in the brain of the patients with this disorder. Many experiments have been conducted on this and it is proved that melatonin supplements are used to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

 Melatonin supplements such as melatonin with valerian can be taken by women in the pre menopausal stage. Melatonin supplements will improve the secretion of thyroid gland and increases the levels and there by decreases the depression caused during the menopausal stage.

 Melatonin supplements such as melatonin with valerian prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder. Melatonin with valerian helps in the break down of cholesterol and helps to remove the gall stones from the gall bladder. Melatonin with valerian also decrease the amount of cholesterol produced in the gall bladder.

 Melatonin for sleep is consumed a lot by people that travel across time zones. Melatonin supplements are used in the treatment of Periodic limb movement disorder. This is a neurological disorder which affects sleep and causes limb movement that occurs in a frequent interval of time during sleep. This can be helped by using melatonin with valerian tablets.

 Melatonin supplements are used to prevent the damage to the DNA caused by some toxic substances. Melatonin with valerian tablets help stop the mechanism that cause cancer. Certain studies show that women with low melatonin level have a high risk for breast cancer. It is also proved that low melatonin levels in the blood will increase the growth of breast cancer cells. If we add melatonin supplements such as melatonin with valerian to these cells their growth is retarded. Melatonin with valerian tablets are given to women with breast cancer before few days of chemotherapy. It is found that melatonin with valerian prevents the lowering of platelets in the blood which is a complication of chemotherapy that can lead to bleeding. Melatonin with valerian stimulates the immune system and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

 Men with prostrate cancer have low melatonin levels in their blood. Melatonin with valerian has been proved to prevent the growth of prostrate cancer cells. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the human body but valerian is an herb. Melatonin with valerian has the ability to treat migraine headache. Melatonin with valerian is also used to treat anxiety and stress. For anxiety one can take melatonin with valerian tablets twice a day in a low dose. Valerian is known to increase the concentration of gamma amino acid in the brain which has a peaceful effect. Melatonin supplements such melatonin with valerian is also used to treat sunburns, dementia, seasonal affective disorders, epilepsy etc.

 Today life has changed and the life style of human beings has also changed. They used to drink lot of coffee or work till late night or watch TV or work with computers so their sleeping time also varies with each day. They don’t have peaceful sleep. A low dose of melatonin supplements helps those people to have a sound sleep.

 In the human body the production of melatonin is more and peaks during sleep at night time and it falls down during the day time. The daily rise and fall of melatonin level controls the wake and sleep time in our body. If we are stressed and worried about something and suffer with out sleep we can take melatonin with valerian tablets which effectively gives us a sound sleep and valerian in the melatonin supplements gives us a peaceful mind . Melatonin supplements taken one hour before sleep acts as a hypnotic. Melatonin with valerian tablets helps us to prevent or slows down age related problems in physical and mental functions.

 With ageing the ability of pineal gland to secrete melatonin decreases and so older people do not sleep well at night. By taking melatonin with valerian tablets half an hour before bed time they can sleep faster and stay asleep for more hours.

 Migraine headaches which are common in men and may be cured by taking a couple of mgs of melatonin with valerian tablets for one week. They can be relieved within a week by taking these melatonin supplements.

 Many researches have proved that melatonin with valerian has the capacity to boost the immune system by activating cancer fighting cells that weed out tumor cells before they spread out.

 Melatonin with valerian has a relaxing effect on nervous system and so melatonin with valerian tablets are used for several different things as you can see.



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